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Default Students' Testimonials - 5 months of trainings

We've opened our online classes in Negong (the base Daogong method) in the middle of February.

Over the past 5 months almost all of our students have got very positive results - a stable feeling of qi (energy), increasing of student's energy level and efficiency, positive changes in health, lifestyle and overall sense of well-being.

We've asked students to share their experience in Dao De trainings in a short feedbacks and now we are glad to make you know of them. I will post the testimonials here in several parts removing some private details.

Please note that average age of our students is 36 years.

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1. Nathan, USA:
I've been taking these online lessons (live, via skype) for two months now. The lessons are effective, and even though the students and the teacher may be separated by thousands of miles, it feels as if we're in the same room together.

So far, I've only learned some of the Daogong movements, but already I feel much better, and certain chronic health ailments have either lessened, or are completely gone. I have lost weight, and have a general sense of well-being, centered-ness,and balance. I am sleeping much better as well.
I was taking prescription pain medication, and sleep medication for several years, and I haven't had any for several weeks.

There is a definitive buzzing, vibration, or warmth throughout my body after having practiced, and also a warm flowing sensation that accompanies it. I'm not knowledgeable enough to explain what these feeling are, but I can only judge by my physical improvements that it relates to Chi, and unblocking channels.

I will be a life-long practitioner of what I am learning, and am looking forward to hopefully learning the first level of YuXianPai internal alchemy in a month or so.
I'm very greatful to Shifu Alexey for making this valuable system open and available to those of us whom are English speakers, and live far away from St. Petersburg. I hope I am fortunate enough to be able to attend a seminar there one day. Until then, I will practice what I have learned diligently.

2. Mikael, Sweden:
I enjoy the trainings very much and i'm very happy to finally be able to practice authentic taoist methods after searching for a long time for something that feels right for me.
I'm also happy with the results so far. Some results are more obvious and some are more subtle.

The most obvious result is that my feelings of qi have increased. The feelings i like the most is the pleasurable feeling i have experienced in my legs, arms and hands. I also like the feeling of qi in my lower belly.
Before i started the training it felt like i had too much qi in my head [it is a very unpleasant and dangerous situation, a cause of problems with heart, head and so on] but that has dissapeared completely now. I have more energy in my day to day life.

I have small children that sometimes wakes up several times a night and that doesn't affect me as much as it used to. I can feel normal and not so tired even though i have slept bad the night before.
I didn't think i had any health problems before i started the training but i feel much more healthy and strong now.

Some unusual thing that has happened was a few weeks ago, when my girlfriend was experiencing pain in her leg for a few days when she was walking. I rubbed my hands and then put my right hand on the spot where she had pain for a few minutes, after that she said she felt something and after that she felt much better and then the pain was gone. I don't really know what i was doing, but i had just started to feel more energy in my hands after practice so i thought i would just follow my intuition and try something and it worked.

Another unusual thing is that complete strangers sometimes say hello when i walk past them now.

Some other changes:
I have my own business and my income has increased slightly the last few months without me putting in any extra effort.
I don't hurt myself as much with cuts and bruises and i think it has to do with increased awareness of my body.
I have found myself wanting to live a more simple and natural lifestyle.
I have less negative thoughts.
I am more centered and calm.

3. Amelia, Australia:
In the time since i started training with our school I have noticed a definite increase in my energy levels and awareness of how much energy I have. I have also become aware of every action I take and the energy it costs to excersize this action. I greatly appreciate and value the control this has given me over my life. I quite enjoy the training and the improvements it has made to my mind, body and soul. There has been many changes in my life since I started training the majority of them being positive. I have been eating better as I have become intolerant of food that is not healthy and hope that this contributes to my wish to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

My main goals for training are to become more self sufficient and more healthy and continue feeling the peace I have been given.

One of the things I appreciate in the lessons is a brief recap of all the previous movements at the beginning of the lessons, so I would wish that that doesn't change. Thank you very much for the opportunity to study.

4. Unus, Romania:
I do enjoy the trainings very much and I do my best to practice daily.
when I do practice, during the practice and after the practice I feel very well, very good, balanced and at peace, that peace that I want to keep forever with me. That internal peace is what I enjoy the most in my tranings, that balance of my mind, spirit, energy and body, when I am One.

I do have distinct feeligns of Qi, in my arms, a lot more than my palms (before I started practice with you I could feel the Qi in my palms); also, I have a more distinct feeling of Qi in my whole body but it is hard to describe in what way. I am more aware of things going on inside of me.

Recently I stopped working so [too] much, I moved to my country house in Romania and I am doing my best to balance my life; that's why I have time to practice because of my decision to move back home and lead a different life, more balance; so I can enjoy it fully.

I went through a lot of Reiki classes and masters, and other systems that work with energy; they all seem fine and to some degree helpful but it didn't stick with me. I kept searching, in my lectures I got to learn about Tao and I loved the principles behind it but I could not find any masters/schools to learn from;

I kept searching and a few months back a got the call from your school and its teachings and I like it and want to learn more; I want to learn everything it can be learnt (theory and practice) about replenishing the primordial Ming and Xing, about healing my fears, and become the best I can be, so I can enjoy life fully and eventually teach those that want to learn as well. Most of all I want to be able to keep that balance and inner peace feeling I get during practice all the time; so I am feeling as One all the time.

Thank you for your teachings

5. Emmanuel, France:
Since i stumbled accross the Dao De site a few years ago i feel a silent attraction toward this school and the idea about learning from it has slowly growing up somewhere in my mind so when i recieved a mail about an online course ready to take place i felt like if the right time has come.

The lessons and my home practice are very enjoyable , i never feel boring to have to set to practice even after a long day of work, in fact the exhaustion from work is gone for good after a training session.

The feelings of Qi in my practice are numerous, heavy, light, fast, slow, entering, going out, condensing, expandingn magnetic, electric... but even if it takes many different shapes there is a constancy in the overall feeling of QI which is quite difficult to describe in words, it is like "a responsive and ever transforming substance". The feeling i like the most are the short moments where the inside and the outside of my body seems to only be separated by a thin border, everything seems to disapear exept the feeling of a free flow of breath and a deep calm.

On the energy level, there is a new and more accurate awareness of the energy cycles during the days, months etc. This new awareness helps me a lot to manage in a more efficient way my own energetic resources and i feel less tired than before.

My lifestyle has recently improved in a positive way. There is the emergence of an auto-regulation process, my body refuses [now] some substances, some foods, drinks, activities... There is also a significant change in my sleep patterns, less sleep, more rest and vivid dreams almost disapeared.

Something interesting is about how sometimes i can suddenly be aware of some of the chain reactions in the mind-body complex that constantly happens in the blink of an eye while interacting with the world. I can see this kind of things when i'm calm and the experience from this calm state is like being in the eye of a storm, still, peaceful and not affected by what happen. Actually, what should have occured in myself in response to some external influences doesn't happen when i am in this state and i feel then that i am saving a great deal of energy... So far, this calmness is the most rewarding effect from the practice even if it is still fragile and unstable. Calmness also brings about more clarity about situations and their dynamics and what has to be done in order to change a particular condition.
These changes in my lifestyle and inner state give me another appreciation of the world as a whole, it looks to me like a multi layered entanglement of interconnected cyclical changes and i feel that i am working in exactly the same way.
With the growing of the emotional stability, the mental clarity and the auto-regulation process gained through the Dao Gong training, i begin to understand what are my true aspirations and what direction my life has to take in order to realize what i want.

I can't really speak about the improvement of my health because i haven't been sick for years but i know some of my fellow students have good results on their health state. However, in my case i notice quicker recoveries from the minor injuries that can happen in my work.

I'm sure that from my personal efforts under the careful guidance of our teacher the results will come by themselves. I wish to get in the long term an understanding of the secret workings of myself and those of the universe and being free from them, on the short term, i want to achieve a good basis and bring together the right conditions for practice before going further into Daoist cultivation. I believe that Daoist cultivation is about uniting separated things in the Human being and refine the subsequent unity until it becomes the same as the unity of the Dao. This is fascinating and i'm willing to fully dedicate myself to this undertaking with patience.

The online lessons are great and i'm very satisfied with this setting which allows me to learn from home, and even if teachers and students are parted by huge distances there is an enjoyable feeling of positive emulation among other things. An important thing i want to do is to attend to the future seminars to get direct corrections and learn the methods that can't be transmitted online, but also to meet our teacher Alexey, Arkady and the other students.

So far my overall learning experience is very good and i'd like to express all my gratitude to the school for the opportunity given to us to learn and practice really effective and authentic methods.

6. Patrick, USA:
I am enjoying the training very much. I do have distinct feelings of qi. I feel sensations of pressure, lots of vibration, tingling, heat, and sometimes a wave of cold moving. I like the vibrations and heat the most, but all are pleasant and make me smile.

My energy has definitely increased. I'm not sure how to control it at this time.

My sleeping has changed. I go to work early in the morning, around 6:00am. I go to bed around 9:00pm. For the past 2 or 3 weeks I have been waking up around 3:00am (?). I feel fine/awake. I think I have a more positive outlook in general. I am an optimistic person by nature. Although I think I have less tolerance for stupid actions by people...especially at work.
I am satisfied at this time with everything
Thank you again for making this available to us.

To be continued...

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7. Konstantin, Australia:
Just wanted to let you know that I am completely happy and enjoying the training. It is a very powerful method and I get to learn a whole new approach to Alchemy so it is particularly beneficial for me for that reason as well.

I have many feelings of Qi, for example tonight I had a strong flow of energy into my arms at the completion of inner work when I move the energy into the point on the palms.

My energy has increased a great amount since the beginning of training. My existing [results] from the previous practice has become much deeper and much more powerful. I feel physically much stronger, and I can use the energy by focusing it in in any part of my body to deliver for example a martial art strike without moving but with great power nonetheless.

My relationships are improving with family, friends and community more and more. I am acting as a leader in every situation or setting I am present at and always helping those around me. I run a Russian community group on facebook for Russians on Australia, it's a busy but extremely rewarding occupation especially in these times. The training gives me all the energy I need for it and more.

Every day for me is full of new challenges that I overcome with an amazing ease to bring positive change to my own life and those around me. My career is skyrocketing and there isn't anything at the workplace that I cannot take on and succeed.

My wish for training with your School is to achieve the complete realisation - Tien Hsien and help those around me achieve Dao as well. I really wish to learn an animal training method so that I can save my dog as well as Ling Kong Jing. I really want to save my parents even though they are very resistant to learning something outside of Western science at the moment but I hold high hopes for them nonetheless.
I would like to thank Your School for giving me this chance.

8. Sam, USA:
I like the trainings. I have clear feeling of Qi flow after every practice, energy is more focused, stable and harmonious.
I not feel I can control the energy, but can monitor my activity to regulate the amount of energy exerted at any time.
Notice my mind is much clearer and can focus sharply more than before. Headaches I get are much less intense and duration.
Over all health is notice better, immune system stronger, body stronger and able to perform longer without tiring suddenly. I also have more confedence in my abilities in life.
I want to learn practice as to transform to Spirit Immortal, regenerate body organs and channels
so max energy flows to help others.

9. [Anonymous]:
I have practise for two month now.

Over time the movements become more easier and the body is free that so the movements
become faster while they appear to me slower. The tension getting less and movements become natural and comfortable.

There are heat, electricity, density sensation on the Qi ball. The Qiball "has to be" squeezed and "has to be" pulled as it almost like a physical thing. Also I can throw it faster and faster with each day practise.

The Zhang Zhuan on Solarplexus level or on lower belly level feel the same as having a field where one can put the hands on, the size can variable as I like.

The training can keep going like this, I understand the instruction.
Tell the masters to bless us with good results.

10. Damian, Argentina:
I enjoy the trainings very much. The Sunday class is a place to practice, review and learn exercises that help me in finding an inner state of peace and stillness, especially after the seminar in Saint Petersburg where we could tap deeply in the relaxed but at the same time active state of mind and body. Besides, in the Sunday class we can feel the presence, care and energy transmission from the Chief Instructor as if we were in the same room and the qi sensations are stronger than in the home training (perhaps due to the energy field and transmission).

This training helps me to have qi feelings, from warmth and tingling to openness and easiness in the body and mind. These feeling become particularly present in the Qizhigong, for instance in the work with ball of qi. In this case a magnetic-like feeling is felt, the magnetic feeling leads to a lightness sensation in arms and body and this is one of the qi feelings that I like the most.

During this training my energy has increased, I need less sleep and I am doing a little more things, especially after the seminar. But wat was more interesting even from firsts weeks was the clearing-opening process, because of the opening legs channel exercise my legs can endure better external training like shaolinquan (that has lots of low positions).

A sense of integration, unification is something experienced during the trainings, especially when I am able to reach a state of relaxation and stillness. Concurrently, I feel more resilience to weather changes.

In relation to health I could say that having no serious problems the effect is manifested in a better digestion and better stress management. From the beginning, the trainings helped me with more intellectual resources in my job. I could say that I have a more proactive approach now, I am not thinking about conquering the world yet, but it is more proactive. Again, the great catalyst was the seminar (and perhaps the neidan methods learned there). Besides, I am doing more things, but I need to check if I can sustain them.

Sometimes I can see sparks of light around people and like a contour around them, since a couple of months it grew a little (before beginning daogong it was only a weak episode).

11. Paul, USA:
I'm enjoying the trainings. I have trouble focusing as well as I would like to, but I'm continuing to learn new things through this practice to settle and focus my mind. I am using these things in daily life and appreciate them very much.

I have feelings of the qi, but they're not usually strong. Sometimes I've felt lightness in my hands and feet and my whole body started to feel like wind, or something. The feelings are usually stronger during practice.

The different things I learned through relaxation of the belly and body, and the mind-clearing method, and moving with rhythm (just today) to release tension, and in general the many energy states I've come in contact with, will likely give my introverted self some useful tools to carry on in coming challenges.
I think there are subtle things happening [with my relationships] from my changing mind-state that are making things better.

My life is going abnormally well in some ways, I have to say.


To be continued...

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12. Dean, Australia:
I enjoy the training very much, I really feel a strong desire to do it everyday, and cannot wait til the next practice once I have finished. It is also great to have so many multiple kinds of methods, both Daogong and Yuxianpai so far have provided a lot of methods which can help adjust and balance energy inside the body. The training is great, the Daode center is very dynamic and progressive, plus there is a multitude of methods and opportunity's available in the future which is very exciting and something to look forward to and work towards.

During the training I do have very distinct feelings on Qi, and lately I have even have feelings of Qi when walking around outside, or just doing daily activity's. I am not sure if this is related to "feeling the Qi of nature" but I can defiantly feel Qi flowing through my body which is coming from outside and especially through my fingers and hands, it feels as in the energy in the air is passing through my channels, I can feel it distinctly, entering channels in my body like soft needles in specific points. I also feel such feelings on Qi as warmth, I can do Piles [one the Daogong exercises] outside in winter at night time and feel comfortable warm, also pleasant feelings in my body and in my head, and relaxed feelings during work. I can distinctly tell when too much energy is rising up to my head and causing deviations, I can accurately fix this by closing methods, walking, tapping down body, training more or less particular exercises (Daogong) etc, and recently even feeling ways to do this by taking some drinks or foods (not near practice times of course).

The feelings I like this most are the extreme comfort and pleasure felt in body and mind, and also my back / neck which had problems is magically very loose and pleasant right now. Sometimes after practice it is like I have taken some drugs, but without the down dull unclean dirty feeling and bad side effects - instead very alert, calm, relaxed and energetic with extreme comfort doing anything such as sitting, walking, working, talking with others etc.

My energy levels have also increased, this has also been noticed by my girlfriend. I have had some very active weekends with her, spending lots of time with her doing activity's that would usually drain me too much to handle. A few times even spent a whole day / night out, at least 10 hours non stop doing activity's and errands in the city which is very draining and I cannot handle this too much before - by the time I am home I feel no problems, and do training and feel great. Apart from this there is also sexual drive increase, more so after a few months of Yuxianpai, which is now settled and I feel as if this increase of energy is now being manage better and used to open channels and improve practice and health instead of leaking outside of body and wasted.

There have been changes to my health as noted above, and I am actually earning double income since I started the Daogong, whether it relates or not. People treat me nice, for example getting some tea from a shop near work, some people there who I don't know all of sudden treating me very nice, even giving me special service that others didn't get (such as jumping me ahead of the line, offering free drinks or food, leaving the bar to personally hand me my goods, where colleagues at work all had to go and collect it them self's and they even noticed and made some comment about it). Also, this is not new for me, but often when walking along the street and I get to a traffic light, the walking light all of sudden turns green, even if there is no one around to push the button - or sometimes as soon as I pushed the button it instantly goes green - it's kind of usual to happen so very often but I don't pay much attention to all of these kinds of things or think too much about it.

My wishes are to practice more and get deeper into the schools / methods and eventually have a chance and good reasons to meet Dimitri Artomyev and Patriarchs of Yuxianpai and Wuliupai (It is also a wish to meet Master Alexey and instructor Arkadiy but that will come true in August ). As well I wish to develop myself and others, help mankind and spread Dao, and bring harmony to society to combat the growing materialistic and satanic ideology's that I strongly oppose.

I very much appreciate this opportunity to learn and grown with these ancient traditional Daoist schools, and I hope we can continue along this path for years to come as the Daode Center grows and expands.

13. Luis, Australia:
I enjoy the training because it is structured and makes sure all students try their best and learn everything properly.

Also since we have to write weekly feed back it also helps us focus more and make sure we keep up with the methods daily. I get the strongest feelings of qi when I do the daogong exercises, especially the pile. At first it was hard to stand still but now I am starting to enjoy it and just feeling/sensing my body from the inside out.

Since I started the online training I have also become more aware of my internal body processes, such as sensing the states of certain organs and being able to feel better after sensing this. Also, When I am going about my daily life at work etc, I remember to sense my body and qi and make sure I don't tense and block my energy flow which has worked very well for me.
I have learned a lot from the online training in terms of general daoist knowledge and also I feel I am more connected with myself so that I can see my faults clearer and better able to relax and allow unnecessary habits to disappear.

Usually after doing the practices I feel generally good and have good energy levels but sometimes the effects are more pronounced. I would describe this feeling like being full of energy, confident and very relaxed all at the same time - mind is clear and able to think clearly and mind is also quiet and relaxed - no obsessive thoughts. I look forward to learning more and taking the practices to high levels because I simply find all of this fascinating and I enjoy it very much.

The methods you [Daode Center] have taught me so far have improved my ability to do taiji and other martial art movements that I know- in particular my hands and arms feel more functional. I would also love to be able to teach and help spread daoist teachings to other people one day.

14. Paul, Australia:
I enjoy the training sometimes when I have stronger sensations during training but [some] other times I can't feel much when I train and I feel other people enjoy more results than I do.

Regardless of how I feel sometimes, I will keep training because I know the training will benefit me greatly. I like how well the class is structured and taught. It gives me great confidence that I will progress well eventually because of the individual guidance I’m given for my issues.
The energy feelings I get are mainly tingling or warmth, mainly in arms and hands. Also warmth in my lower back and sometimes upper back. Also get feelings of pressure in my lower dantian area. I enjoy feelings of warmth around my kidneys the most.

I can’t tell if my energy has increased but my sensitivity has especially around my hands. If I focus my attention on my hands, I can quickly feel tingling sensations there. I think this sensitivity only came after I started training.

When I first started training, I find it hard to relax and focus my attention during training. That has now become easier. I think I’ve become better at coming with ideas for solving problems [at work].

15. Chong Bee, Singapore:
I do enjoy the training and also enjoy doing the daily exercise.

My palm is buzzing and warm whenever I do the exercise. I also feel the heat in the body and can feel it the whole day.

I feel my energy level has increase. I don’t easily feel tired during the day. I don’t know [yet] how to use it or control it. Just enjoying the extra energy level.

I feel more relax now. Not as tense as previously. Become more cool headed and don’t get upset too quickly.

So far the training method is good.

Overall, the Daogong exercises are good as it is quite physical and also stretch the body and I enjoy it. I usually do it in the morning and it give me a good boost of energy for the whole day. The training taught me to relax and make me more cheerful during the day. I stop doing the exercise during the night as I have difficulty getting to sleep even though the body is tired, but the mind is fresh.

I also enjoy the standing exercise and I am doing about 20-25 minutes. I can feel the heat building up during the exercise and sometime get the ‘magnetic’ feeling between the hand and the bottom of the belly. I feel energised after the standing exercise.

I am eagerly looking forward to our next step into Yuxianpai exercise.

16. Christophe, France:
The online training is done once per week for one hour over skype.
We get to see one instructor showing the movements while the teacher watches our own movements/energy and gives instructions and feedback.
While [in my opinion] it doesn't replace in person interaction, it is a good substitute for people who don't live locally.
A weekly class gives a structured routine and we need to complete it with daily practice. We can ask questions over email whenever we have a need.

It's a rare opportunity to access traditional Chinese teachings (in English,through Russian instructors).
The instructions are progressive and well organized.
I believe that they are a good complement to my other Qigong practice, with distinct feelings of qi.
I already feel some progress and some positive changes in my daily attitude (but it's subtle), and I'm more relaxed.

I know that some people have been able to solve some of their physical problems after a short time,
it is not yet my case, but I look forward to it.

And of course, in the long term, I expect to see the Dao

17. Francois, South Africa:
I do enjoy the online training very much, even when it is hard work at times, requiring stamina and focus. I like the fact that the teacher observes the students and make corrections. This teacher engagement gives the valuable motivation that makes the student feel like his studies matter to more than just himself.

The Daogong exercises definitely sensitizes me to the feeling of energy in and around my body. It primes the important parts of the body to be sensitive to the feeling of energy. Zhan Zhuang (ZZ) is a powerful exercise that improves concentration and stamina, and it evokes feelings of swirling heat and energy around the girdle of the waist, the torso and the limbs. Sometimes during the start of ZZ the bodily feelings of heat is uncomfortable and stings the skin, but with regular practice this stage disappears.

The stretch-and-squeeze exercise does produce the feelings of handling tangible energy at times, felt as a pressure between the palms and a resistance of sorts. The closing exercise and other exercises of handling energy in the hands sometime makes it feel like I can control the movement and collection of energy.

There have been a conflation of circumstances since I started my practice that allowed me to gain better health and to address underlying deficiencies. I came upon valuable information during this time that helped me to understand my health better and how to improve upon it. I managed to get a good job in this time as well.

I would very much like to cultivate Ming/life with the YXP/WLP methods to obtain replenished yuan jing and to enter the foundational stage of Neidan. I want to conceive of the immortal foetus in this life through the practice of authentic methods.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn online, as it is difficult for many world citizens to go and seek authentic methods otherwise.

We will continue to post here the most interesting future feedbacks.

Best Regards,

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Almost all our students are continuing the practice and starting August move to the 2nd level group - Taoist Alchemy of Yuxianpai School.

So we are announcing a new intake of students to our base and advanced groups. All the details are in this section of the forum.

Best Regards,

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Another good news about our students' results:

One of our students have had an underweight, his weight was about 53kg while his height was about 1.8m.
He was practicing Daogong for several months, but he still didn't notice any great changes in his health.

However some time ago he decided to weigh himself and have found his weight increased by 5kg. He said he didn't have anything like this before.

We regard this as a great result of Daogong and believe his weight will become normal, comfortable and stable.

Best Regards,
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"Kodoninja" user:
I was very sick and close to death, hospitalized twice and suffered from a complete body shutdown the 2nd time I was in the hospital. After I began Daogong, within the first week of training my symptoms improved. Every so often I have a bad day, but now I am able to function like a completely normal person and I have only been training for a little over 1 year.


Best Regards,
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