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Желая водрузить Дао Дэ за предѣлами тысячъ ли, я не боялся ни вѣтра, ни пыли, шествуя къ девяти варварскимъ народамъ.
Сначала я ѣхалъ на сѣверо-западъ...
Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Киеве!                     Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Москве!                     Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Ростове-на-Дону!
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Exclamation The Seminar on Daoist Internal Alchemy on 14-16th of May 2017, France - Paris

_ Daoist practicing inner alchemy

Daoist Centre DaoDe is happy to invite everyone to the practical seminar on Daoist Alchemy in Paris, France. This is the first seminar of the Dao De Center which we will lead outside of China and Russia. It is the first time in a history for two famous Schools - Wuliupai and Yuxianpai to be presented in Europe.

This is exceptional opportunity to study the basic methods of both Schools (lying the foundation stage) and get first hand experience in Traditional Daoism.

Translation into French will be provided.


Dao De Center is the official branch of the Closed WuLiupai Daoist Alchemy School and official branch of Open Yuxianpai Daoist Alchemy School. Instructors of Dao De Center are regularly visiting high level Masters in China and taking lessons in Alchemy and Martial Arts. Most andvanced instructors were encouraged by Patriarchs of the Traditional Daoist Schools to spread Daoism and teach people.

Master Aleksei Alekseevich Khokhlov is cheif instructor of the Dao De Center. He has been studying Daoist Alchemy directly from Patriarchs in China and has achieved high level in the practice. This is the first time when he will visit Europe personally to transmit his knowledge to the Western students. Being a teacher in both Schools he will be able to instruct students in methods of:
1) Yuxianpai - The School of Ma Danyang, disciple of Wang Chongyang, founder of Quanzhen
2) WuLiupai - The School of Wu Chongxu and Lui Huayang, successor of the famous Quanzhen Longmenpai School.

1. Daogong

Initial preliminary method Daogong which is specially designed to prepare human body for practicing Neidan methods. It has proved its efficiency by hundreds of students and practice of Alchemy goes several times faster with this method. Beyond alchemy this method helps to:

- build-up health (external body) and calm down mind (internal spirit)
- boost energy level
- achieve relaxation in the body
- improve sleep quality
- increse social conditions (many students report of achieving social success in 6-18 months after starting our program)

This base method provides a perfect foundation for all the other practices we teach.

2. Traditional Yuxianpai Neidan School

– Introduction to the School
– First two levels - Shengong and Gangong. These are the Circuits of exercises for first two Wuxing elements in human body - the Water (represented by kidneys) and the Wood (represented by liver). – Special methods done in sleep.
– Exam and continuation of the practice for the experienced students.

3. Traditional Wuliupai Neidan School

– Introduction to the School
– The first level of WuLiupai School deep workout of mind and body

4. Theory lectures. Providing Traditional (orthodox) view to the Daoism and Alchemy.

– Daoism. Introduction to Alchemy as the root of Daoism. 3 ways of Alchemy (Inner Alchemy, Pair Alchemy, External Alchemy)
– The human structure. Xing and Ming. The Goal of Inner Alchemy.
- Stages of the Way of Immortality
– True process of self-cultivation. The difference with modern deviations
– Questions and Answers

Base part:
May, 14th - 10:00-17:00
May, 15th - 10:00-17:00

Price: 300 euro

Advanced part (optional):
May, 16th - 10:00-17:00

Price: 150 euro

On students' request there is an opportunity to organize private lessons. If you are interested please note this in your registration email.

The seminar will be translated in French

Please see by this link.

REGISTRATION (only 3 places left!)
Please register for the seminar by the following emails:

english@daode.ru (in English)
france@daode.ru (in French)

We will be glad to see you on our Seminar!
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