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Желая водрузить Дао Дэ за предѣлами тысячъ ли, я не боялся ни вѣтра, ни пыли, шествуя къ девяти варварскимъ народамъ.
Сначала я ѣхалъ на сѣверо-западъ...
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По умолчанию The results of The Seminar in Saint-Petersburg in June

_ _ _ _ _ Taiji tu

The Seminar on 6-8th of June was successfull.

I. The Results
We have reviewed in live all the Daogong exercises we were doing on our long distance Classes and learnt several new exercises (some of them couldn't be transmitted online).

By Yuxianpai School students have studied and learnt:
- Base Yuxianpai posture and inner work
- Water method Shengong
- Wood method Gangong

By Wuliupai School students got Jiuyangshengong - the initial work on laying the foundation of Wuliupai School (couldn't be transmitted online).

On the theory lecture we have learnt several most important concepts of Taoist Alchemy.

All the methods were taught in traditional way - not only by showing a form of the movements but also using qi and feelings transmission. Most of the students were able to apprehend it.

By the end of the seminar each student has recieved individual recommendations from me with the analysis of his (her) specialities and advices on lifestyle and further practice.

II. Students' feedbacks (excerpts)
_ "I enjoyed the seminar immensely. Alexey and his local students were incredibly accomodating the entire time, and very easy to get along with.
My energy level is different. Last night I had to do my practice but was very tired (still adjusting to the time change since I returned home) so I thought I would sleep for an hour or two and then practice, as I have done in the past. I went to sleep, but surprisingly I woke up only maybe 10 minutes later feeling very energetic. I got up and started practicing immediately.

My inner state is also changing. I have a vision of a less reactive and more internally steady version of myself, and I'm slowly becoming that person. I don't know what it is about the relaxation practices I learned here compared to the ones I've learned in other spiritual-oriented seminars, but these teachings I hope to never forget. I think the difference is that these teachings are imbued with true understanding and deep understanding that is obvious. Also the JYASG makes me feel so good, it makes me feel active and internally powerful in a very unique and interesting way.

I definitely want to return to another event once I've practiced the new methods for a while.
It was amazing to see what intelligent, kind, active (and more) people have come out of these practices.

I think everyone should attend a seminar."

_ "Did you enjoy the seminar?
_ _ yes, very much
Have your energy level changed on the seminar? Have your innerstate changed (positively)?
_ _ yes, in my daily practice I feel a noticeable difference....

Prior to the seminar, I didn't realize the importance of relaxation.
While the online class is good, it doesn't replace in person interaction.
The seminar helped me correct mistakes in my practice...
It was also great finally seeing you "

_ "I was very happy to be there, and I could see it was a very good decision, cause I had learnt a few very simple basic things which I could not get from the skype (one of them, I think most important, is to relax, all we do if we do not relax and gather tension it is not good; believe it or not I did not understood fully this but only when I got to see you in person exercising with us, side by side, shoulder to shoulder).

Overall for me it was a great experience and I would like to return and see you again (Alexey and Arkady) and my fellow students as well which we have good discussions and good connections.

Practice helps me to start the day in a very good state of mind and very good energy state; and that for me it is a great thing which I appreciate a lot. if more will happen because of my practice than great. but for now I am happy with what I get so far."

_ "I enjoyed the Seminar very much. Training several hours a day was very interesting and enlightening. It allows the body and energy to get accustomed to the exercises so that a better result is achieved. The variety of exercises was fruitful too, for instance, the laying down practice opened a new spectrum of practice. Being together, teachers and students in the classroom, was a new level of practice.

The Dao De Centre is very beautiful indeed; I enjoyed the wall pictures (food for thought) very much.

I have some examples of improvement: the travel back home was very pleasant and I think that it was an effect of the relaxation acquired during the seminar (and the training of the laying down exercise), my digestion has improved and my heel is cured (and we did the training and I walked many hours a day the days I spent in Saint Petersburg), and I understood some theoretical points not covered in the seminar but related to the practice.

Would you like to visit our events in future?
_ _ Definitively."

III. Important notes
1) Not long ago we have opened the gates of the School for students from all over the world. And now you have finally seen me, our Center and your fellow students from Russia and now you have no more doubts about us existing, having a place and organization.
And I've also finally met you and taught you in live. All of this is very important.

2) All the participants of the Seminar were prepared well with our online trainings. It was not a requirement but it has allowed us not to spend time on basic movements but work more with the energy and the inner state.

3) As I've noticed before on online trainings, all of us - me and each student participating online trainings are connected with our energy. Because of this the seminar have not only activised practice of its participants but also activised the practice of each our student.

4) The success of the first seminar have opened possibility for foreign students to attend our yearly summer Inner Alchemy Intensive (Retreat) in the Nature.
This year it will take place on 12-18th of August in a beautiful place near Moscow.
I'll compose all the details and make official announcement soon.

If you have any questions or want to pre-register for Intensive on 12-18th of August please send your request to english@daode.ru.

Best Regards,
Alexey Khokhlov

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По умолчанию

That is excellent news and feedback, I hope to attend this seminar in the future and I believe it will grow.

I love the online classes and practicing in a group setting, it is very motivational.

Does YXP have a similar method to the WLP JYASG for replenishing Yuan Jing?

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По умолчанию

Сообщение от Francois Посмотреть сообщение
That is excellent news and feedback, I hope to attend this seminar in the future and I believe it will grow.

I love the online classes and practicing in a group setting, it is very motivational.

Does YXP have a similar method to the WLP JYASG for replenishing Yuan Jing?
In August we make the second seminar, it would be in the Nature not far away from Moscow. So new feedbacks are on the way!

JYASG is not a replenishing method in Wuliupai School, it is the first, preparational level.

However in both Schools after the preparational work (JYASG system in WuLiupai and inner ograns + extraordinary methods in YXP) there is a special work on replenishing yuanjing.

Best Regards,
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