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Не распознав плывущих и тонущих, разве отделишь главных от гостей?  - Чжан Бодуань
Желая водрузить Дао Дэ за предѣлами тысячъ ли, я не боялся ни вѣтра, ни пыли, шествуя къ девяти варварскимъ народамъ.
Сначала я ѣхалъ на сѣверо-западъ...
Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Киеве!                     Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Москве!                     Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Ростове-на-Дону!
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По умолчанию Inner Alchemy (Neidan) Seminar on 6-8th of June - Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Here I would like to summarize all the details about the upcoming Neidan Seminar on 6-8th of June.

This is the first special seminar of Taoist Center "Dao De" for english-speaking students.

Taoist Center "Dao De", Saint-Petersburg, Russia
A.A.Khokhlov, Chief Instructor of Taoist Center "Dao De" (Wuliupai and Yuxianpai Schools). There will be a translator and assistants if needed.
The Program: (6-7 of June, base part):
1) Daogong complete. This base method provides a perfect foundation for all the other practices.
2) Authentic Yuxianpai Neidan School
a) Introduction to the School.
b) First two levels - Shengong and Gangong. These are the Circuits of exercises for first two Wuxing elements in human body - the Water (represented by kidneys) and the Wood (represented by liver).
c) Special methods done in sleep.
d) Additional methods would be given if necessary.
3) Authentic Wuliupai Neidan School
a) Introduction to the School.
b) The first level of WuLiupai School - Jiuyangshengong.
4) Theory lectures. Available online (see "Registration" below).
a) Taoism. Introduction to Alchemy as the root of Taoism. 3 ways of Alchemy (Inner Alchemy, Pair Alchemy, Outer Alchemy).
b) The human structure. Xing and Ming. The Goal of Inner Alchemy.
c) Stages of the Way of Immortality.
d) True process of self-cultivation. The difference with modern deviations.
e) Questions and Answers.
Additional "fixing" part: (8th of June, optional):
5) Fixing part on the third day
a) Detailed review of all the practices learnt on the Seminar.
b) Special fixing methods according to the results of students.
c) Individual corrections
a) Base part
June, 6 - from 13:00 to 19:00
June, 7 - from 10:00 to 15:00
b) Fixing part (optional)
June, 8 - from 17:00 to 22:00
There would be a break for rest inside each interval.
Base part (6-7th of June) - 300 USD.
Fixing part (8th of June) - 200 USD.

There also would be a small organizational fee (about 30 USD).

The prices are for the trainings itself. Food, accomodation and flight tickets are not included.

The hotel prices start from 60 USD per night for 2 persons and depend on conditions. There also are cheaper hostels.


There are only 3 weeks remaining so if you would like to take part in our Seminar please send your request or questions at english@daode.ru as soon as possible. Please specify if you would like to participate both parts or only base part.

For those who will not be able to attend the seminar: 1) The theory lectures of the Seminar (2 hours) would be available online via Skype. To register please send your request at english@daode.ru. 2) If you would like to have a seminar on other dates, place, program, etc. please write us. We will consider all the requests and plan the next event.

For those who has already registered. Together we are doing a great job. The road of 1000 li starts under your feet.

Best Regards,

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По умолчанию

I am going to attend the seminar, and I am very excited about that, and the option for the online lectures seems to me a very good idea, specially for those fellow students who couldn't make their way to the seminar this time.
Thanks for this event, see you soon!
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