Даосский Центр
"Дао Дэ"
Желая водрузить Дао Дэ за предѣлами тысячъ ли, я не боялся ни вѣтра, ни пыли, шествуя къ девяти варварскимъ народамъ.
Сначала я ѣхалъ на сѣверо-западъ...
Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Киеве!                     Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Москве!                     Открыт новый Центр Дао Дэ в Ростове-на-Дону!
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По умолчанию Classes for english speaking students.

I was wondering if you still have online dao-gong classes for english speakers, because... well, I don't want to seem pretentious, but I have been waiting for a reply to my e-mail for almost exactly a month now, so I wanted to know if the person who usually checks the emails is on vacation or something similar, or you don't have the classes anymore.
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Dear Klaus,
Thank you for your interest in the and your question here. Yes the Classes are being continued and you can join. We have changed email address several months ago and that is why your email might have been missed. We will check and answer you soon.

By the way new groups will be opened soon so you are right on time.

Best Regards,
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